A Memorable Wedding Reception

The NC Revelers Orchestra on the bandstand at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC.

The NC Revelers Orchestra on the bandstand at the Old Town Club in Winston Salem, NC.

The NC Revelers Orchestra on the bandstand at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, NC.

If you have a vivid memory of a wedding reception you have attended it is because it was special in some way. Most receptions are essentially forgotten the next day so if one stands out there is usually a good reason. If one reception stands apart from the others it usually is because the entertainment was something special or different. A wedding reception with the cool, jazzy sounds of the golden era of Hollywood or Las Vegas will be memorable for all time

The NC Revelers Orchestra will set your reception apart in the memories of your guests with classic romantic melodies that everyone loves, as well as show and dance tunes that complement the celebration.

Live Music IS Important
A live orchestra presents music made by people and the sense of entertainment is immediate and personal. There is interaction with the audience and your guests feel that they are part of the celebration instead of just being spectators. The guests tend to stay around longer as the presentation is ever changing and interesting. With live music, the presentation is exciting and the memory of your event will stand for a lifetime as something special and something different from every other wedding.

A Big Band plays to a broad variety of musical tastes with an almost infinite variety of tonal color. With everything from popular Swing Classics, Beach Tunes, Waltzes, Latin in all styles and you have an incomparable variety that hard to beat. A big band is special, impressive and different and has music for every generation present. The music will stand out in your guest's memories long after the last note is played. Weddings are all about memories and a full sized dance orchestra sets your event apart in ways that smaller ensembles simply cannot match.

We should point out that a full sized big band is an impressive sight. We bring our own staging which fits us neatly into the same space a normal sized rock band would take up. With our custom music stands and tuxedo clad musicians, a big band does look like Hollywood, Vegas or Manhattan has come to town. If you are pulling out the stops to put on a major event, a full orchestra enhances the atmosphere of "Class Act" in a very memorable way.

Following are some frequently asked questions about weddings and receptions.

How much does all this cost?

The vitality of live music, combined with the visual and aural excitement of a Big Band will make your wedding event the one that is remembered for all the right reasons.  When you are creating memories for a lifetime, live music and even a full orchestra is a pretty minor expense. That said, our pricing is competetive with most smaller bands. We prefer working to not working and we really enjoy giving you a high value for your entertainment budget

How long should my reception last?
We recommend about three hours although four hour receptions are fairly common. We see very few longer than four hours. The first hour will be taken up by the band entertaining your guests while you are finishing up with pictures. The second hour for the dances with father and mother and the all important cutting of the cake. Band breaks are an ideal time for speeches and testimonials and we will of course give you a great fanfare for a toast at any time.   If you go for a three hour event, just limit the length and number of the speeches!

I plan a traditional reception with many well known wedding conventions, how would your music fit into our plans?
Important considerations would be music for:Bride and Groom entrance into reception.Bride's first dance with her new husband as Mr. & Mrs. Bride's dance with father and father-in-law. Fanfare for Cake Cutting, a Drumroll/fanfare for bouquet toss and if you are observing the garter toss tradition we have a handy short version of "The Stripper" for that too!

We also can provide special music for ethnic traditions if desired.

Do you have suggested songs for the First Dance?
>Slow tunes that have stood the test of time include Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade", Carmichaels's "Star Dust" "The Nearness of You". Faster tunes could include: "The Best is Yet to Come", "Fly Me to the Moon" or "The Way You Look Tonight".These are a few among hundreds, including some contemporary tunes. If you wish special music, we can obtain or arrange most any special tune. There may be a charge for custom arranging but usually we can find the tunes you want.

Will you hold a date while I decide on the music?
We will take an inquiry on your date and call you if another call on the date comes in. At that point, a decision will be needed immediately along with a deposit and signed contract if you wish to reserve the date. Our advice is to contract for your musical entertainment as soon as you book the hall for your reception.

Remember that particularly in the Spring and Summer, there are many weddings and only about sixteen or so ideal dates. Call the NC Revelers Orchestra at 919-847-2263 today to book a lifetime of memories for your wedding, anniversary or other special event.

This link will take you to our booking page. We will be glad to tailor our performance to your specific needs.

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