We are proud to announce the return of one of the internet's most popular resources for big bands, particularly those starting out as a hobby with limited money for rehearsal or performance music stands.

Solving a long standing mystery, a full expose' of the flat and very portable aluminum music stands that the great road bands such as Miller, Dorsey, Brown and James have used for the past half century.

Stories from the Bandstand

When any group of musicians gets together one of the inevitable results is "musician stories" . It is a fact that funny or strange things tend to happen to musicians and when the band gets bigger, both the size and the number of stories increase as well. Most of these happened more or less the way they are related here and some may have gotten better with the telling. I heard many of them while I was with Sentimental Journey in Atlanta and others I have heard from my musician friends in Raleigh NC. The band may change but the insanity is universal.