Big Band Links

Here are a few select links of interest to those who like the world of the
Big Band. We'll add more as we find them. If any link fails to function,
please let us know so we can fix the problem or delete the link.

The Sentimental Journey Orchestra 
The premier Big Band of Atlanta, GA and the Mid South. Now in its fifth decade!"

The Night and Day Orchestra
This Texas band is a powerhouse between Houston Tx and New Orleans, La.

The Commodores Big Band
The Commodores' territory is Victoria BC. They have been together over thirty years and keep that part of the world swinging!

ConChord Big Band
This fine website features an English Big Band called "The ConChord Big Band.. The CCBB is a highly entertaining showband with a wide repertoire that covers big band swing, Jazz, pops and movie and stage music. The band is located in West Sussex, England, midway between London and the English Channel. Their manager is Frank Osborne, one of the class acts of the UK Big Band scene.
Compaq Big Band
This excellent Boston area band is made up of present and former computer people. Compaq has no limits to its ambition or its level of talent. They have two fine CDs available and have played many places including a tour of the UK.

The Radiodaze Big Band
Nashville,TN is not all Country Music. Radiodaze keeps up the big band tradition there quite well, including a fine vocal group.

The Glenn Miller Orchestra
Under the leadership of Nick Hilsher the GMO continues as the best and longest running of Big Band links to the past. Much of Miller's legacy remains in the showmanship and organization that is a lesson for any band, and of course the many hit tunes that are as fresh today as the day they were written.
Benny Goodman  
A nice tribute to the "King of Swing!" Contains audio files. 

A Few Artist Fan Sites 
The Duke Ellington Society
A very well-designed, award-winning site containing a wealth of information on one of America's musical giants. You'll even find some audio clips!

The Billie Holiday Home Page
Another great site! You'll find a discography, filmography, sound files and much, much more!

The Cole Porter Home Page
Another American musical giant. This site features a Biography, Books, Movies/ Lyrics, Discography and a searchable Cole Porter database!

Sites Of Particular Interest To Musicians 

Doug Yeo Home Page
Doug is the former Bass Trombonist of the Boston Symphony. His page is full of many things of interest to instrumentalists of all persuasions, as well as many things of specific interest to the low brass player. The page is one of the best designed pages on the net.

Jazz Improvisation Page
A University of Wisconsin sponsored site, full of examples, sound clips, sources, extensive links and more.

Saxophone Home Page
According to it's opening blurb..."If you're a Saxophonist, you're home now!" Lots of resources on this page.

Online Trombone Journal
Here you'll find articles about trombones and trombonists, reviews of trombone recordings, reviews of new music, technical articles, mutes, mouthpieces and much more.

The Callanwolde Concert Band
This is the recruiting website for one of the country's great community bands, The Callanwolde Concert Band of Atlanta GA. This group, with its high standard of musicianship has been a force in the "recycling" of hundreds of adult musicians who otherwise would have been lost to the TV set. This group has inspired several splinter groups, many of which have become well known in their own right, notably the above-mentioned
"Sentimental Journey Orchestra".
"Big Bands & Great Ballrooms America Is Dancing. . . Again"
Author Jack Behrens has written a fine book on the resurgence of dancing and current big bands.

The Northern California Lindy Society
This site contains all kinds of resources for those who love to dance or listen to swing music. You'll find out where the bands are on "Retro Fashion"...Books on the Swing Era...and loads of interesting links. If swing is your thing...Jump off here!

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