How it all happened...

Prior to his move to North Carolina in 2006, Henry Mason led Atlanta's "Sentimental Journey Orchestra", a regional dance orchestra with a national reputation as one of the best of modern day "Territory Bands". SJO has been in continuous operation for over four decades and has played all over the mid south. During Henry's term as bandleader of SJO, the band played for some very interesting venues and people. Noteworthy among those were Ted Turner's birthday party, President Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize celebration in Georgia and the 75th Anniversary party for Atlanta's Fabulous Fox Theater among many others. The focus was always on high quality music and professionalism worthy of the legacy of the great road bands of the forties and fifties that defined the term "Big Band".

Professionalism in the manner of the great bands did not however mean standing still or overplaying the "nostalgia card". It meant a big band that is modern in every way, playing great music from all eras but with the professional standards that the great '40's bands were famous for.

Atlanta was getting too big, with 24 hour traffic jams, and the kids and grandkids had moved to Raleigh. It was an easy decision to move to North Carolina and maybe just get to play on a band somewhere without the joys and responsibilities of bandleading.

Musical involvement came quickly with opportunities to substitute on local dance bands and concert Jazz orchestras. There was certainly no dissatisfaction with any of these fine musical groups, but after booking and running the show for so many years... it was time to start another band, drawing on those years of experience .... and just possibly, North Carolina audiences would enjoy a band with the same musical ideals and professionalism that made SJO such a long running hit in Atlanta. You may rest assured that the music will be authentic to the best of our ability and no corners will be cut. That means a full big band and the best music we can find.

Why the Revelers?

As to how the name came about, Henry says "My late father-in-law who at 87 was still one of the youngest people I ever met, once belonged to a social club of equally young folks called "The Revelers". I promised him a full band for his party if he made it to 100. Since he didn't quite make it, the band name serves as my salute to his outlook on life."

A revel is a large and boisterous special event. The NC Revelers are a big and boisterous special band for special events. We will be happy to play for your revel and you are invited to call us about it.

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